Monday 16 March 2015

I've just watched this interesting video covering some Fiori/UI5. The new features in the 1.28 release are talked about as well as a look at the "Fiori Apps Reference Library" page located here.

The guys discussed adding the ability to filter on the release date or wave so after a bit of quality time in the Chrome Dev tools here is my solution:

1. Open the URL and get  the dev tools panel open.

2. Open the "Sources" tab in Dev tools and open the file S2.controller.js. Stick a breakpoint at line 383. When we hit the filter button we'll stop here and have a reference to the Filter Dialog so we can insert our new filter item for the Release date.

3. Paste the following javascript into the prompt on the "Console" tab:

This should add a new item to the filters with the Release dates, there seems to be a bug where the filters are not getting cleared out so I've patched the function to fix that. God bless Chrome Dev tools and all who sail in her!

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